Medical translations at NotaBene are just what the doctor ordered.

Medical translations have been increasingly relevant amid international medical and pharmaceutical integration. Registration of pharmaceuticals, certification of foreign medical equipment and tools, foreign market launch of generics and proprietary developments, as well as translations of personal medical documents — these are the most common situations in which you may need medical translations done by our agency.

Medical translations are not for laymen — any mistake may cost too much. Our specialists are well aware of the requirements applied by certification authorities, pharmacopoeia terminology, as well as control and research methods in medicine and pharmacology.

We engage excellent medical translators and editors, many of whom have medical or pharmacological training and a wealth of experience in the industry.

Consistent medical terminology is ensured by TRADOS Translation Memory terminology databases. They ensure that even major orders completed by a team of translators will have a consistent style and fully comply with standard scientific terminology in a specific field.

We know that confidentiality matters. A Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is signed with all corporate customers and is rigorously adhered to. Our reputation is our key asset and we take great care to ensure that source information is used exclusively for translation and is never shared by professionals who supply it. We are trusted to handle confidential information by the world’s major medical and pharmaceutical manufacturers and regular patients.

We are always ready to go beyond orders from major medical manufacturers and research papers. We currently translate a large number of personal medical documents for refugees, travelers and patients. Our objective is to ensure timely delivery of a medical translation that is absolutely accurate and affordable.

Below are just a few examples of medical translation orders:

Medical translations for clinical trials

  • Clinical Investigation Brochure
  • CIP, bioequivalence studies, safety studies
  • Correspondence with regulatory authorities, investigators
  • Informed Consent Form
  • Patient Information Sheet
  • Case Record Form
  • Assessment tools based on patient reports (questionnaires, scores)
  • Contracts with investigators, research centers
  • Training materials

Medical translations in pharmaceuticals

  • Company Core Data Sheet (CDS)
  • Package leaflet
  • Drug Master File
  • DSR
  • PSUR
  • DSUR
  • Certificates of Analysis
  • Certificates of Compliance
  • Stability Study Protocols
  • Drug Manufacturing and In-Process Control Documentation

Translation of Medical Equipment Documentation

  • Operating Instructions
  • User Manual
  • Safety Data Sheet
  • Advertising leaflets
  • Conferences and training materials
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
  • Medical equipment manufacturer websites
  • Research and test results

Medical translations of personal documents

  • Clinical Record
  • Discharge summary
  • Findings of tests and examinations
  • Surgical Record
  • Medical certificates
  • Doctors’ opinions
  • Translation of diagnosis

TEN reasons to work with Nota Bene:

  1. You are in control of all of your costs. We calculate the fee and you approve it before we start working on your project. No late or hidden charges, no unpleasant surprises that so often ruin partnerships;
  2. You have approached professionals with 20+ years of experience. We are a reliable supplier of translation services with an excellent track record;
  3. You benefit from a personal project manager, individual terms, a custom-made terminology database, personal account on a dedicated server to ensure absolute confidentiality;
  4. Our ISO 9001 certification ensures that we comply with all international quality management standards;
  5. Localization, makeup, prepress, and printing — enjoy one-stop-shop translation experience;
  6. We will make sure only competent professional linguists handle your project. We will engage a trusted specialist from Korea to translate a booklet for the Korean market into their native language;
  7. We will do our best to have your project ready on time. XTRF, a specialized software system to manage translation projects, will never let any deadline slip our mind. If necessary, we work weekends and public holidays;
  8. We store all the jobs we do and will supply deliverables to you again free of charge on request even 20 years after we complete your project;
  9. We enable you to pick the pool of linguists that are most suitable for your project and make sure to maintain consistent terminology and meet any other requirements throughout any period of cooperation;
  10.  In any situation, we will come up with the best solution in terms of timing, process, and fees to achieve your ultimate goal.

Order your medical translations in NotaBene and stay safe!