Nota Bene is ready to assist Polish citizens and organizations in obtaining documents from various institutions of the Republic of Belarus, as well as in performing any kind of tasks so that you will not have to spend your valuable time.

Our services include the discovery of documents from:

  • courts;
  • registry authorities;
  • ministries;
  • archives;
  • tax inspectorates;
  • other agencies.

To obtain documents you need to provide:

  • the name of the document and its copy, if available;
  • personal data indicated in the document;
  • information about when and where it was issued,
  • and a power of attorney issued to our employee.
Document discovery requests in Belarus
  Type of document to be discovered  Authority
Civil registration certificates (duplicate copies):
birth, death, marriage/dissolution of marriage;marriageability certificate
Region and district registry authorities
Social and legal documents within the authority of archives:

labor, education, pension, medical treatment, where documents were transferred to archives

State archives of Belarus
Social and legal documents within the authority of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Belarus:

labor, education, military service, pension, wounds and stay at hospitals, service during the Great Patriotic War, decorations

Archive of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Belarus
Higher/secondary education diplomas (duplicate copies)Education institution of Belarus that issued the diploma
Certificate of no criminal record in BelarusMinistry of the Interior of Belarus

The following documents are not subject to discovery in Belarus:

  • employment record books;
  • military cards;
  • IDs;
  • driver’s licenses.

Applications by individuals to discover the following document will not be satisfied:

  • reissued civil registration certificates, if they are issued to persons other than the applicant;
  • marriage certificates if the marriage has been dissolved (a respective certificate can be issued instead);
  • birth certificates of deceased persons.

Death certificates can be discovered by relatives of deceased persons or by legal entities for official purposes.

Birth certificates for children under the age of 18 can be requested by their parents, adoptive parents, guardians, custodians and administrations of the institutions, in whose care respective minors are placed.