Apostille services in Poland in NotaBene Agency

 Poland is one of the 140 Hague Convention countries, meaning that all documents intended for international use must be certified with an apostille in Poland.

This procedure legalizes documents for use in foreign countries, i.e. they have the same legal effect as in Poland.

What does the apostille-related service in Poland embrace?

It implies that we take care of all apostille formalities for you — we visit voivodeship courts, make appointments at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, fill out all necessary forms, pay state fees, receive the apostille stamp on all personal or corporate documents, and, where necessary, send them to your address in any country by express mail. We also deliver sworn translations of all types of documents.

What kinds of documents are subject to apostille?

Apostille stamps are normally placed on personal or corporate documents. The most common cases include:

  • Certificates of marital status, birth, death and marriage, court rulings;
  • Documents from the National Criminal Register (KRK), including certificates of no criminal record, or court orders concerning a company, certificates of conviction;
  • notarized documents (deeds, powers of attorney, protocols);
  • qualification certificates, including school certificates and university diplomas, copies, duplicate copies, and appendices;
  • commercial contracts, invoices, import and export consignment notes, copies of certificates from the National Court Register (KRS) and the Central Register and Information on Economic Activity (CEIDG).

What is the procedure for obtaining an Apostille?

The document legalization procedure (getting the apostille stamp) is not complicated, but it takes quite a lot of time.

For example, you need to have an apostille on a notarial power of attorney that you will use in Belarus. Below is the breakup of your time and costs, if you decide to act independently:

Steps to take and fees to pay:

  • prepare the document, i.e. notarize the power of attorney;
  • conduct an online search for the address of the apostille issuing authority, plan your route, and schedule your visit (at least 1 hour);
  • make several phone calls to relevant bodies to find out details of the procedure and work schedule (at least 30 minutes);
  • pay a visit to the district court, produce your document to authenticate the notary’s signature and stamp (at least 2 hours and the state fee of PLN 28);
  • pay a second visit to the district court to collect the document with the statement of certification (at least 2 hours);
  • make an appointment at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs via a special form, choose a suitable date and time (at least 30 minutes). Remember that you may often be unable to make an appointment at all, or the system will show you dates only in a few weeks’ time;
  • fill in an application form for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to have an apostille for official documents intended for international use (at least 30 minutes); it must be printed out, and you must have it on paper;
  • visit a banking outlet or a post office to pay the state duty, or you may pay online using your personal account with your bank (PLN 60), but you will also have to print out the payment confirmation (at least 30 minutes);
  • pay a visit to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the appointed day and time, stand in line and finally get your document with the apostille stamp (at least 2 hours)

The grand total is 8 hours of your time and PLN 88, let alone cab fares, gas for your car or public transport charges.

We charge as little as PLN 120 for our services and we take all the trouble for you. Moreover, you will have your apostille stamp a lot faster, because we almost always have booked dates and time slots for visits to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

As a rule, you will obtain your apostilled document within 3–5 days. Think whether 8 hours of your precious time are worth PLN 120 and make your choice.

Incidentally, if you live outside of Warsaw, your costs will increase significantly, as you will need to travel. Consider this: we are willing to receive your documents sent by mail to our office address, get your apostille and send them back to you by priority mail. You can pay in any currency with a card by making a transfer to our bank account, or alternatively use PayPal or Wise.

Contact us for assistance with obtaining an apostille and speed up your preparations for foreign travels. We offer a comprehensive service package including professional translation of documents (sworn or certified).

How to order and pay for apostille-related services in Poland

  1. Contact us by email or phone +48 660 403 263, get professional advice and answers to any questions;
  2. Bring your documents requiring an apostille to our office, or send them by mail to our address;
  3. We will start immediately upon receipt of down payment equal to the amount of fees and 50% of our service charge. You can pay in cash or with a card at our office. You can also use PayPal or Wise payments in any currency;
  4. As soon as we receive your apostilled documents we will send you a photo, so you can be sure that your order is complete and ready for delivery;
  5. You will collect the documents at our office and make the final payment;
  6. If you need to have your order sent by mail, you will need to pay the rest of the amount, and we will send you the documents by courier or priority mail while attaching a receipt confirming that we have sent it.