Sworn interpreting in Warsaw

Sharing native tongues

Sworn (certified) interpreting is an official linguistic service delivered by a sworn interpreter. You require such services during meetings at official institutions, for example, as you perform legally significant actions at a notary’s office, police station, or court hearings.

During consecutive sworn interpreting a linguist first listens to a speaker and then makes use of logical pauses to interpret. The interpreter is fully liable for the accuracy of translation before the law, which is why this type of interpreting costs a lot more than regular consecutive interpreting, which can be done by anyone with sufficient knowledge of both languages.

In the above case, no additional technical equipment is required (unlike simultaneous interpreting), which improves its mobility and scope: an interpreter can accompany you on a business trip, at an industrial site, or during a sightseeing tour.

For an interpreter to excel, you should provide them with relevant written materials beforehand to get ready for the upcoming job: presentations, texts of speeches, reports, schedules of negotiations, etc.

Nota Bene Translation Agency guarantees absolute confidentiality and excellence of consecutive interpreting. We work with highly experienced interpreters focusing on various spheres who invariably deliver perfect quality of linguistic support.

To commission a sworn or regular interpreter, please send us a request at least one day before the event by filling in the feedback form below or to our email biuro@notabeneby.com.