A sworn translation from Arabic and into Arabic (tłumaczenie przysięgłe)

is a document containing a translation that is as accurate as possible and fully corresponds to the original. The accuracy and truthfulness of the translation is certified by a specialist appointed by the Polish government – a sworn translator (tłumacz przysięgły) who is licensed by the Ministry of Justice.

Sworn translation from Arabic in Warsaw and other cities is usually required for legally binding actions in the following cases:

  • Legalization of stay on the territory of Poland or Arabic-speaking countries- visa, preparation of documents for temporary residence permit (karta pobytu czasowego), permanent residence permit (karta pobytu stałowego), citizenship.  You will need to provide sworn translation from Arabic of such documents as birth certificates and marriage certificates, driving license and so on) 
  •  In order to apply for higher or secondary education in Arabic-speaking countries, you need a sworn translation of your certificate or diploma into Arabic
  • To open a bank account, organize a company or buy real estate, etc.
  •  If you work with partners or companies from abroad we can translate invoices, accounting documents, CMRs,  contracts and agreements of various nature, constituent documents such as articles of organization, memorandums, minutes and resolutions as well as any other documents required for operations. 
  • Sworn translation of documents confirming education and work experience into Polish is often required for legal employment in Poland
  • it is quite typical to make a sworn translation from Arabic or into Arabic in case of various permissions, certificates or patents 

Cost of sworn translation from Arabic into Polish:

To get a quote and deadline for the sworn translation from Arabic please send the scans of your documents to our email biuro@notabeneby.com. Within 1-2 hours we will evaluate the cost and deadline and provide our offer. Upon your agreement, we will ask you for an advance payment (in cash or by card in our office). We issue VAT invoices for legal entities.

Deadlines for sworn translation from Arabic into Polish

Usually, a standard sworn translation (e.g. 2 to 5 standard documents) takes 2-3 working days. A standard sworn translation page is 1125 characters including spaces. 

You can pick up your finished translation in person at our office, or we can send it to you electronically or by post (regular, registered or courier service).

If you require documents to be legalized (apostilled) for foreign countries, be sure to contact us. The cost of apostille at the District Court and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland in Warsaw is PLN 208 net including fees. Just send us the documents to be legalized by post or courier, and in a few working days we will send them back to your address.

Sworn (certified) interpreting from Arabic or into Arabic – is an official interpreting service which is provided by a sworn interpreter. A sworn Arabic interpreter may provide his or her services both in writing and orally. In the latter case, a sworn interpreter is physically present when visiting, for example, a lawyer’s office, notary’s office, prosecutor’s office, police or registry office.

In order to enable an interpreter to perform his or her work on the highest professional level, it is necessary to submit written materials on the topic of the upcoming translation in advance: presentations, texts of speeches, reports, negotiation points.

Nota Bene Translation Agency guarantees full confidentiality and impeccable quality of consecutive translations. Experienced interpreters work in various fields and provide linguistic support for events at the highest level.

To order a sworn or regular interpreter, you need to send us a request at least one day in advance using the feedback form below or by e-mailing us at biuro@notabeneby.com.

Please feel free to ask any questions by filling in the contact form below or by calling one of the telephone numbers listed in the Contact Us section