Technical translation is almost always a sophisticated and challenging task. A single error or discrepancy in a technical translation can entail grave consequences. Emergency repairs, outages, programming errors, need for new installation and setup — this translates into losses. We translate into profits.


Technical translation is a complex process, a production cycle involving various specialists:

  • a project manager analyzes the request, prepares a quote for the customer, picks specialists, monitors the implementation process, harmonizes glossaries, and ensures effective communication;
  • a translator or a team of translators proficient in the respective field in both the source and the target language. Glossaries depend not only on the industry, because each manufacturer may operate its own set of terms;
  • an editor (or a team of editors) proofreads the translation and sees to it that it corresponds to the original text, complies with the terminology and meets all of the glossary consistency requirements, and consults technical specialists;
  • technical professionals specialized in respective areas check the text for consistency;
  • DTP specialists insert charts, tables, figures and, were necessary, prepare materials for printing.


Many of our technical translators are not only linguists, but also technical specialists with respective degrees.     
We also work with an extensive network of freelance specialists capable of upgrading a text to comply with any industry standard.

Consistent terminology in technical translations is achieved through the creation and maintenance of TRADOS Translation Memory terminology bases. Therefore, even large-scale projects handled by a team of translators will always remain consistent.

If the source technical text contains charts, drawings, figures with descriptions, we will perform makeup graphic design, so that the translation is identical to the source text in its layout. We use a variety of software to achieve this (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, AutoCAD, FrameMaker, PageMaker, QuarkXPress, CorelDraw, Adobe formats).

We embrace the challenge of big texts and tight deadlines, and we know for sure how to deliver excellence even when the workload is consistently high.

We never charge extra for urgent jobs.