Sworn translation from Ukrainian into Polish in Poland (tłumaczenie przysięgłe)

A sworn translator of the Ukrainian language performs official written translations of documents from Ukrainian into Polish and the other way around. Documents translated and certified by a sworn translator are accepted by all state authorities and institutions.

NotaBene Translation Agency in Warsaw and Gdansk offers sworn translations of documents from Ukrainian into Polish for further submission to the state authorities.

A sworn translator of the Ukrainian language may be needed for translations of documents from Ukrainian into Polish for:

  • legalization of stay in Poland, preparation of documents for the temporary residence permit (karta pobytu czasowego) or permanent residence permit (karta pobytu stałowego), as well as citizenship;
  • applying for school, college, or university;
  • opening a bank account;
  • applying for a scholarship or financial assistance from the social security authorities (ZUS);
  • any other cases requiring official translations of Ukrainian documents for Polish authorities.

In order for us to calculate the cost and deadlines for sworn translations from Ukrainian to Polish please send scans or photos of your documents to [email protected]. Within 1–2 hours, we will analyze your documents, provide a quote and deadlines, and, if you agree, we will ask you to make a down payment (by a bank transfer or, if you visit our office, with cash or a card).  We issue VAT invoices for legal entities.

Sometimes urgent sworn translation from Ukrainian or into Ukrainian can cost 20–30% more, but we try to exclude extra charges whenever possible.

Sworn translation from Ukrainian — deadlines:

The sworn translation of a standard package of 2–5 documents usually takes 2–3 business days. If you need to translate more than 5 documents, we will offer a deadline based on our translator’s workload and your requirements.

You can pick up finished translations personally from our offices, or we can send them to you by regular and registered mail or courier delivery service.

Our translation agency also provides sworn interpreting from Ukrainian into Polish. A sworn interpreter will accompany you to a notary’s office or legal firm, prosecutor’s office, police, civil registry office, or migration department and ensure communication between you and representatives of the state authorities. To order sworn interpreting of the Ukrainian language please send us an inquiry at least one day in advance using the feedback form or by e-mail to [email protected]

Nota Bene Translation Agency guarantees absolute confidentiality and excellent quality of sworn translations.

We also legalize documents issued in Poland (have them apostilled)

You can ask any questions by filling in the contact form below or by calling one of the phone numbers specified in Contacts