Need to have an Apostille on your documents issued in Poland? NotaBene Translation Agency will help!

NotaBene Translation Agency offers turnkey legalization services for documents issued in Poland. All you have to do is mail your documents to us or bring them to our office in Warsaw and Gdansk, and a few days later you will have them apostilled.

You don’t even need to come to us!

We work with clients from cities and towns all over Poland, but there is no need for you to come to our office to order a translation or an apostille.

That’s all you need to do:

  1. Send us scans or photos of your documents to be translated or legalized to our email [email protected]. Please specify the type of service you need (sworn translation, regular translation with the agency’s seal, apostille), your first and second names as indicated in your passport in the Roman alphabet, your tentative deadline, and any additional information you believe is necessary;
  2. Our customer service manager will contact you, normally within an hour, confirm receipt and offer you a fee and deadline;
  3. If you agree with the offered terms, our manager will send you details for you to make a down payment and ask you to send confirmation. Once your down payment has been confirmed, your order is deemed to be accepted;
  4. If you order an apostille, once you have agreed the terms with our manager, you will need to submit the original copy of your document by any courier mail convenient to you (InPost, UPS, DHL – they bring the package during office hours) to our office at 00-828, Warszawa, Aleja Jana Pawła II, 11,  pokój 411, recipient NB Stellar Group sp. z o.o. Before you send it, please, take a photo of your envelope and write your phone number on it, for us to see that the order is yours. Please, do not send the documents via ordinary mail – it is not totally safe.
  5. When your order is ready, we will notify you and agree on the delivery method. Delivery by InPost courier to your home address or the closest parcel machine (Paczkomat) would cost PLN 50.

* You can generate an InPost label or QR-code, send it to us and we will send the documents to your home address or to an InPost box close to you (this service is free of charge). 

Benefit from our simple procedure that can be completed online — the only thing you will need to do is to pick your translation up.

What does the Apostille service in Poland embrace?

We will take care of all formalities for you — we request a preliminary procedure to verify the seal and signature of a notary (Uwierzytelnienia dokumentu) at the District Court of Warsaw (not in other voivodeships, though), make an appointment at the Foreign Ministry, fill out all necessary forms, pay the state fees, get an apostille for all personal or corporate documents and, where necessary, send them to your address in any country by courier mail. We also deliver sworn translations of all types of documents, if you need them.

What kinds of documents are subject to Apostille?

Apostille stamps are normally placed on personal or corporate documents issued by the Polish state authorities. The most common cases include:

  • Certificates of marital status, birth, death, and marriage, court rulings;
  • Documents from the National Criminal Register (KRK), including certificates of no criminal record, or court orders concerning a company, certificates of conviction;
  • Notarized documents (deeds, powers of attorney, protocols);
  • Commercial contracts, invoices, import and export consignment notes, and copies of certificates from the National Court Register (KRS) and the Central Register, and Information on Economic Activity (CEIDG).

Furthermore, Apostille may be affixed to a sworn translation of a document into a foreign or the Polish language to make it valid abroad

What is the procedure for obtaining an Apostille?

The document legalization procedure is not complicated, but it takes quite a lot of time.

For example, you need to have an apostille on a power of attorney issued by a Polish notary to make it valid abroad. Below is the breakup of your time and costs, if you decide to act independently: Steps to take and fees to pay:

  • prepare the document, i.e. notarize the power of attorney (at least 2 hours);
  • conduct an online search for the address of the apostille issuing authority, plan your route, and schedule your visit (at least 1 hour);
  • make several phone calls to relevant bodies to find out details of the procedure and work schedule (at least 1 hour);
  • pay a visit to the district court, produce your document to authenticate the notary’s signature and stamp (at least 2 hours);
  • pay a second visit to the district court to collect the document with the statement of certification (at least 2 hours);
  • make an appointment at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs via a special form, and choose a suitable date and time (at least half an hour).  You may often be unable to make an appointment at all, or the system will show you dates only in a few weeks’ time;
  • fill in an application form for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to have an apostille for official documents intended for international use (at least half an hour) — it must be printed out, and you must have it on paper;
  • visit a banking outlet or a post office to pay the state duty (about 1 hour). You may pay online using your personal account with your bank, but you will also have to print out the payment confirmation
  • pay a visit to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the appointed day and time, stand in line, and finally get your document with the Apostille stamp(at least 2 hours).

We take all the trouble for you. Moreover, you will have your Apostille stamp a lot faster, because we almost always have booked dates and time slots for visits to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs We charge PLN 250 for our turnkey Apostille service per document, including all state duties. If you have from 3 to 5 documents, we will only charge PLN 230 per document, and if you have 6 and more, our rate will be as low as PLN 210 per document. 

As a rule, you will obtain your Apostilled document within 3–5 days in case you apply to our office in Warsaw and up to 10 days if you apply to our office in Gdansk.

Incidentally, if you live outside of Warsaw or Gdansk, your costs will increase significantly, as you will need to travel. Consider this: we are willing to receive your documents sent by courier mail to our office address, render the Apostille service and send your documents back to you by courier mail or have them delivered to the nearest InPost Paczkomat.  You can pay in any currency with a card by making a transfer to our bank account, or alternatively use PayPal, Wise, or Stripe.

Contact us for assistance with obtaining an Apostille and speed up your preparations for foreign travel.  We offer a comprehensive service package including professional translations of documents (sworn or certified).

Please apply to our office either in Warsaw: via e-mail [email protected] or mobile +48 660 403 263 (please also use the same number to contact us via Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp, Signal, WeChat) and fixed line +48 22 602 25 45; or in Gdansk: via e-mail [email protected], or mobile  +48 696 469 083 (please also use the same number to contact us in Telegram or Viber);

*The prices indicated on the website include the cost of document legalization (issuing an apostille at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs) on behalf of our client. The service covers: advising whether a specific document qualifies for certification with an apostille, handling courier mail in case documents arrive from other countries and cities, coordinating and defining timeframes convenient for our client, booking visits to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, paying the state fee, physically delivering the document to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for legalization and back to the office so that the legalized document can be picked up by our client.

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