At Nota Bene, we apply a rigorous QA system to each job, which envisages, inter alia, mandatory editing by a professional editor, who is responsible for not only the correctness of the target text, but also the consistency of terminology and compliance with communication standards and nuances adopted in the country, where the translation will be used. The editor is the one responsible for the consistency of terminology in a document delivered by several translators, compliance with glossaries, and overall adequate communication process in a foreign language.

However, the editor is not the final QA phase. After editing, each text goes through the proofreading stage, where a proofreader checks figures, dates, and formats a document while providing simple makeup to make the document look like the source text.

When preparing materials, perfect translation is not always enough. Where manuals, brochures, books, and printed ads are supposed to be delivered to their consumers in print format, we save our customers’ time and money and offer “turnkey” services — translation, editing, makeup, and DTP.

Makeup is an essential portion of the print process that makes use of a variety of special software. At our customers’ discretion, we can offer InDesign, PhotoShop, CorelDraw, etc. makeup services.

To order makeup of any complexity, please contact our managers.