Certified Translation for Embassies of the USA, UK and Canada (for Visa Application)

When applying for a visa, you are required to submit a certified translation of your documents to the embassy of the USA, UK and Canada. A certified translation differs from a regular or sworn translation in that it is performed not by a sworn translator entered in the register kept by the Ministry of Justice, but by our in-house translator, and is certified by our company seal.

In addition, unlike sworn translation, which is performed exclusively from the state language (Polish) or into the state language (Polish), a certified translation can be performed for any language combination – from Ukrainian to English, from Belarusian to Spanish, from Moldavian to Polish, etc.

Price of Certified Translation for Embassies of the USA, UK and Canada

Typically, you are required to submit standard documents, therefore the price of translation is most often fixed and is equal to the price of one standard translation page. For example, for Russian to English or Belarusian to English, it amounts to 80 PLN.

Non-standard documents, such as a purchase and sale agreement or a child’s exit permit, are calculated separately upon request. You can always find out the price of translation by sending your documents for evaluation to our email [email protected] or by filling out the feedback form.

Deadlines for Certified Translation of Documents for Embassies of the USA, UK and Canada

Your documents for obtaining a visa will be translated by our in-house specialists within 2-3 working days. Translation may take longer only if you have more than 10 documents to be translated, and for such a situation, the deadline is agreed in advance. In case of urgent translations, an additional surcharge is applied for overtime work.

Interpretation at the US Embassy

Our interpreter can accompany you to the US Embassy in Warsaw for an interview with the Consul when obtaining a visa to the US. The interpretation is carried out from Polish to English, from Ukrainian to English, from Russian to English, etc. Payment is calculated based on the time spent by the interpreter with the client (not only the interview itself), and the standard rate amounts to PLN 250 per hour.

You can find out more details and book an interpreter for an interview at the embassy by phone (you can also write in messengers to this number), via the feedback form or by sending us an email at [email protected]