What are specialized translations?

специализированные переводы

Almost every translation agency divides its offering into specialized and general translations. Rates differ for different types, so you should be aware of distinctions. It will be easier for you to identify the group to which your text belongs. However, the boundaries are vague, so many people have difficulty distinguishing and are concerned that the contractor will misclassify their texts. We will try to dispel your doubts.

Specialized translation — the general definition

Specialized translations are most often defined as texts from a specific industry or science. They are rich in special terms, which is typical of a narrow specialization and is known mostly to people with special education in this field. The translation of such documents requires the use of specialized literature and documentation, consultations with specialists or special knowledge.

As a rule, translation agencies include the following in this group:

  • medical,
  • legal,
  • mathematical,
  • physical,
  • IT,
  • technology (design of machines and production lines, operating instructions, construction documentation, etc.).

Texts from narrow areas of culture or science containing a large number of dialectal elements, archaisms, etc., are also often considered specialized. Another type is translations of advertisements, slogans or poetry, which may contain abbreviations, references to national or regional culture, and linguistic procedures.

Fees for specialized translations

Hardly any specialized translation agency offers a fixed price per standard billing page (1,800 characters with spaces). Quotes are usually offered individually, after a source text has been analyzed. Fees depend on the complexity of the text and the amount of special terms used. You can usually expect a lower fee for a high number of repetitions and for the most popular European languages.

Translation of medical documents is one of the most difficult tasks

One of the most serious challenges is the translation of medical documents. This implies meticulous translations of case and treatment records, as well as test results into the chosen language. Increased numbers of Poles prefer using the services of foreign surgeons, hospitals and clinics, which are often much better equipped. Such therapy is often the only chance to stop the progression of a disease or completely cure it.

Access to the best specialists in the world, who have at their disposal modern equipment and pharmaceuticals, requires not only substantial funding, but also translations of all Polish medical records into English, German, French or another language. This work calls for a translator who is fluent in special terminology (usually consulted by doctors) and will not make any mistakes. The slightest mistake, mispronunciation or understatement can lead to fatal consequences. The results of surgery, treatment, or choice of therapy may depend on the quality of translation.

Preparation of documents required for the registration of a new drug or certification of tools and equipment in foreign markets is another domain of medical translations. In this case, thorough knowledge of pharmaceutical legislation and requirements of international certification bodies is necessary.

Medical and pharmaceutical translations are one of the focus areas of NotaBene Translation Agency in Warsaw.

Where can I order specialized translations?

A layman or even a professional with a good command of a foreign language, who is not familiar with terminology used in a particular industry, will be unable to provide a correct specialized translation. Nota Bene offers proper translations of medical records performed by an experienced team and edited by specialists with a medical or pharmaceutical background. Check out our services — trust professionals!