Order translation from Ukrainian or into Ukrainian at NotaBene Agency in Warsaw and Gdansk!

NotaBene Translation Agency is an experienced supplier of translation from Ukrainian into Polish and vice versa for any documents or texts.

Professional translators of the Ukrainian language

Our translators will make sure that your translation is perfectly correct and that the style of the text is appropriate to its cultural context, forms of expression and degree of politeness. We supply a comprehensive service, which consists of several stages. The first stage involves our Ukrainian translator, who, using professional CAT software, performs an accurate and meticulous translation. Then, the material is sent to an editor, who will check it and correct it, if necessary.

After that, the job is assigned to a proofreader, whose responsibility is to verify the correctness of all numerical data, such as dates, page numbers or amounts. Therefore, by engaging Polish-Ukrainian translations at our company, you can be 100% sure that everything will be done in a fully professional way, at the highest level. All of our employees, whether Polish-Ukrainian translators, editors, or proofreaders, are highly qualified in their respective fields, thanks to which they are able to cope with even the most complex orders.

Please note that the translation mentioned is certified by an agency seal only. If you need sworn translation, kindly notify your manager in advance. Sworn translation is possible only for certain languages.

What types of texts does NotaBene Translation Agency work with?

– Technical translation from Ukrainian — we translate any texts in electronics, aviation and shipbuilding, agriculture, industry, oil and chemistry, etc. For this purpose, we pick translators who understand the specific nature of a given industry.

IT translation from Ukrainian for the localization of applications, games, software and websites.

– Medical translation from Ukrainian — books, manuals, articles in specialized printed and online publications, clinical records, correspondence with medical institutions, transcriptions and translations of test results, instructions for medicines and many other types of texts. This kind of translation requires flawless knowledge of medical terminology and focus on detail to rule out ambiguity, because the result can affect the health or life of many people.

– Legal translations from Ukrainian: statutes, registration deeds, articles of incorporation, contracts, powers of attorney, court records and many other similar documents. 

– Financial translation from Ukrainian includes the translation of balance sheets, tax returns, payment invoices, waybills, tender documents, etc.

– Literary or fiction translation from Ukrainian of fiction, marketing and advertising materials. Unlike the previous types of translation, in this case there is more room for a translator’s creativity, because there is no need for “word for word” translation. The most important thing is that the translated material produces the same impact as the original, while an excellent translation may even make it better.

How to have a translation from Ukrainian into English, Polish, Russian, Belarusian?

First of all, you need to order it. To do so, send your source text and specify your requirements for the translation from Ukrainian . A customer service specialist at the Nota Bene Translation Agency will prepare a ToR based on the specific features of the order. If the project involves more than one job, a unique glossary is created to ensure the consistency and proper use of terminology.

An entire team of several professionals normally works on a job: a translator, proofreader, editor, quality controller, layout designer and manager who will be available during working hours. In order to rule out human errors, the translation agency uses modern services to check punctuation, idioms, numerical expressions, and formulas. The material is also reviewed by the chief editor.

Confidentiality of translated data is ensured by a special NDA, whenever a customer wishes to have one. Documents can be delivered to any country.

We very rarely apply additional fees for “urgency” or “specialized subjects”, so you can be sure that the price will not rise when the project is delivered. It is true that in rare cases, such as “we need to have it yesterday” instances, and when a customer is willing to pay a higher rate for the team to work outside normal working hours, at night or on weekends, the fee might be increased, but this is always negotiated with the customer in advance.

Exciting facts about the Ukrainian language

The Ukrainian language has gone through many stages of development and difficulties. There was a time when it was forbidden, refused to be recognized as a full language.

Nevertheless, it is a fully developed, living and very beautiful Slavic language that has proven its right to exist in the general family of world languages and is still evolving. In terms of the number of speakers, it is now one of the most spoken languages in Eastern Europe.

  1. Ukrainian belongs to the East Slavic subgroup of the Slavic group in the family of Indo-European languages. The number of everyday speakers is about 41-45 million. From the lexical point of view, the closest languages to Ukrainian are Belarusian, Polish, Slovak and Russian.
  2. The best known and most translated literary work in Ukrainian is the poem “Testament (“Zapovit”) by Taras Shevchenko, translated into 147 languages.
  3. The Ukrainian language is rich in synonyms. The word “bić” (“to beat”) has the largest number of synonyms — according to “Short Dictionary of Synonyms of the Ukrainian Language” there are 45 of them.
  4. The longest word in Ukrainian is “dichlorodiphenyltrichloromethane”. The name is a chemical term that contains 30 letters.
  5. There is an unusual letter in the Ukrainian alphabet, which was expelled from the language during the Soviet era and considered a sign of nationalism. It stands for the rarely used explosive voice [ɡ], as opposed to the fricative voice [ɦ], which the letter G stands for. Only in 1989 did it return to its rightful place in the alphabet, next to the letter standing for the “G” sound.
  6. There are more than 300 000 words in modern Ukrainian.

Our agency has a remarkably extensive offer when it comes to translations. We perform translations into Ukrainian, as well as from Ukrainian into Polish or English.

We will take care of simple, regular translations, as well as those specialized and certified. What do we offer? Among others, translations for specialist industries (manufacturing, medical, accounting, legal, IT, etc.), translation of company documents, catalogs, offers, official and legal writings, notarial deeds, slogans and advertising materials, websites or business correspondence.

We have been in business for over 20 years and during that time we have learned to work well. Trust us with your translation from Ukrainian and get a great result at a reasonable price!