Translation agencies — why have them at all?

Biuro tłumaczeń - czy jest potrzebne

Translation agencies — why have them at all?

The language services industry is rapidly evolving. The ongoing digital revolution has enabled people requiring translations to easily find a linguist who will quickly render this service. Do they even need to look for a translation company? Or maybe you shouldn’t turn to formalized companies at all? Check out our answers to some of these questions below!

How does a translation agency operate?

Nowadays a translation agency does not necessarily fit the popular stereotype of a large company that creates a whole hierarchy of employees on a full-time basis. Beneficiaries of services are no longer limited to the local market. Clients no longer have to come to the office bringing their documents in person to learn the price and sign the service contract.

The market has adapted to the realities of the 21st century, where flexibility is king. Most translation agencies have extensive corporate websites and online panels for placing translation orders easily. It is enough to upload files for translation into the foreign language of your choice. In this way, a company headquartered in Warsaw can service its clientele from all over Poland and foreign countries. Details can be discussed in a chat, by e-mail or phone.

What about certified or sworn translations? They require a stamp of a specialist translator who is certified by the Ministry of Justice (after they pass a special exam).

Translation agencies often cooperate with several subcontractors that focus on various areas to extend their offering. In most cases, a specific job is coordinated under the supervision of a project manager. They also take care of communications with the client, answer their questions and keep all of the client’s instructions.

Translation agency — is it really necessary?

Many prospective clients genuinely wonder — is it really necessary to engage a translation agency? Why pay a go-between when we can find the right translator on our own? First of all, an agency provides a broader range of services, a higher level of security, and utmost professionalism. You can order a translation into many languages and ensure necessary deadlines that a single translator can rarely meet. A company will take care of file conversions, so you don’t have to submit editable texts. It can also offer graphic design services (DTP). Therefore, you can benefit from a one-stop-shop experience.

Also remember that a good specialized translation agency usually takes an accident insurance and signs NDAs — non-disclosure agreements — to protect confidential information. This implies both security of the customer and their confidential data, because if any issues should occur, the contractor will be financially responsible and will cover the losses.

Translation agency — all-round excellence

A good translation agency works with a team of trusted professionals. These people go through a sophisticated hiring process, have verified licenses, and their skills are thoroughly tested. This empowers agencies to work with a large number of languages and perform assignments according to the focus areas of their individual employees.

At Nota Bene Translation Agency, jobs are done exclusively by native speakers. This guarantees that the text will be perfectly adapted and sound natural to the audience in the target country. A major order can be split into parts, which expedites work for the agency to meet tight deadlines. At the same time, professional agencies always see to it that consistency is ensured, so that all translations go through the editing and proofreading phases. This reduces the risk of mistakes.


If you wish to benefit from professional translations and efficient services, Nota Bene Translation Agency in Warsaw always delivers excellence, confirmed by the ISO 9001:2008 quality certificate. Each translation is unfailingly reviewed by an independent editor, who is responsible for the harmonization of terminology. At the proofreading stage, dates, numbers and the general layout of the text are checked. Contact us and let’s work together!